Thank you Mudassar!

Internship Testimonial

Mudassar Akram is a master student of Computer and System Sciences at Stockholm University.

“During my internship in Myindicators I learnt new things and the application of things I acquired through my university education. My host company ”Myindicators” was very welcoming and treated me with a lot of respect. The assignment experience equipped me with knowledge that I will be able to utilize further down my career path. The entire learning process was very interesting and the Idea of Myindicators I was involved in definitely were the most enjoyable part of my internship. Internship in Myindicators has given me a solid foundation in IT industry, added to my skills, given me an edge over other graduates and increased my employability.

I learnt more than I imagined I would, learning valuable hard and soft skills which I believe will be extremely supportive for my future job career. On Completing this internship I feel I have grown as a professional Software engineer and am ready to make proper engineering decisions .It gave me confidence and a positive attitude towards dealing with difficulties in the workforce. The support I got motivated me and made my placement journey much easier. I am also very thankful to all my colleagues in Myindicators. They all are very warm hearted and patient with me. With the support from this internship, I know I will make the most from this experience and become a qualified candidate in the job market.” Mudassar, 2017