Thank you David!

David Martinsson was a final year student for the master’s programme in Bioentrepreneurship at the Karolinska Institute in 2017. David and his classmate, Kevin applied internship positions at MyIndicators. His motivation for joining MyIndicators was he looking for an entrepreneurial experience within the life science field. As he had no previous experience with neither start-ups or digital health, it was a good opportunity for him to work with MyIndicators and their interesting product. When asked about the what he has gained during the internship, David replied, ’the internship offered many valuable learning experiences. First and foremost, how to work within a small start-up and all that comes with it. I also learned about product development as we helped develop the product and sought collaborations with other start-ups. Furthermore, I learned about marketing as we interviewed potential users to better understand what they would like to see in the product’. David, 2016