Thank you Kevin!

Kevin is one of our interns who have graduated a Master in Bioentrepreneurship from Karolinska Institutet. Together with his classmate, David Martinsson, they applied an intern at MyIndicators. When asked about what was his motivation for joining MyIndicators, Kevin replied ‘A startup was interesting to me because I thought the experience would be valuable, as you would be more involved in the overall business’. Pertaining to what he has learnt during the internship, Kevin answered, ‘During the internship I learned that running a startup is challenging as well as extremely rewarding. To succeed, you need to be very proactive, identify opportunities as they arise while also not spreading yourself too thinly. Having a clear understanding of your target market is crucial to accomplish this balance’. About his suggestions for improvement of the internship, he pointed out that as this was his first internship and a more defined objective of the internship would (personally) have been desired. However, he also understand that it is not always possible due to the nature of startups, where things can change fast and where people have to take each day as they come. -Kevin, 2016